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Lost Ring Ventura County Beach… Found

  • from Santa Barbara (California, United States)

My name is Dave Mac Donald and I’ve been a dedicated metal detector since 2009. I’m just as comfortable digging in shallow water as I am digging in the dirt and I’m relentless when it comes to finding something lost. I’ve found rings for people before via word of mouth and I recently was made aware of the awesome team at The Ringfinders and I joined them immediately. I’d love to have the opportunity to reunite you with your lost items and trust that you will be pleased with my effort. I’m well aware that there is more to your ring than just the financial value. A special person in your life likely gave it to you and I’d like to put that smile back on your face. Visit me at www.venturacountymetaldetectingservices.com or call me at 805-290-5009 today!