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Lost for 14 years wedding ring found in Santa Clarita

  • from Oxnard (California, United States)

I got a call a few months back from Stephanie who said that her father-in-law had lost his wedding ring in the backyard and if I would be able to come look for it. There were some scheduling issues so it wasn’t until today that I was able to make it out. I met her mother-in law Sheryl at the house and when i got the story it was that the ring had gone missing over 14 years ago and the lawn had been removed and redone since that time so there wasn’t much hope but I figured I’d cover the yard and see what I could find.

They figured it was lost while mowing the yard as her husband had a medical issue on his ring finger which had caused him to temporarily move the ring up on his finger to ease the pain from mowing. Somehow it fell off and for 14 years it had been gone. The ring meant a lot to the three sons and they would ask questions about it all the time which is what led Stephanie to me. I began my search and proceeded to dig nickels and other aluminum can slaw but no ring. I was on my last part of the yard and I got a mixed signal of 13-15 and I investigated it but was hesitant to dig as I didn’t want to make an unnecessary hole in the nice lawn. As I sat there I had this overwhelming feeling to dig it and so I did. I got about 8 inches down and this popped out.

It had been lost clear back in 2007 and had been since roto-tilled over and then had brand new sod put over it which was why it was so deep.

Needless to say Sheryl couldn’t believe it when I knocked on the backdoor to pretend to ask her a question and it was there I showed her the ring. It was one of those moments only a ringfinder knows, the deep breath, the tears and then the hug!

It was an awesome find and one where I knew the Lord was guiding me. If you have lost a ring try not to wait 14 years but if you do you can call or text me at 805-290-5009 and I’ll be more than happy to reunite your ring with you.