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Lost Gold Wedding Band at Four Seasons Resort Ko Olina…FOUND

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

Andy aul shaka.jpg
Andy aul ring
This ring find started in the middle of July when I got a call from Andy from Alamo, California. While playing catch with his son in the Four Season’s lagoon his Gold Wedding Band came off in chest deep water. I arrived around noon and started my search. The lagoons are fairly easy to detect in with pure white sand and the rings normally stay within a few inches of the surface for days. Andy stood in the water where he thought he was when the ring came off and I started my search working out and away from his position. I searched for nearly an hour with no luck finding the ring. I found a different ring and a few coins. I was frustrated not being able to find Andy’s ring which should have been a cinch. I told Andy I would come back that weekend and search the deeper water with scuba in case his ring came off when he was throwing the ball and it might have went deep. Unfortunately Andy had to leave later that day without his ring. I hate when that happens. I came back the next weekend and did a grid search on scuba in deeper water and again another ring and bracelet but not Andy’s ring. That takes me to today I was doing a shallow to neck deep search for some Oakley prescription glasses when I got a nice low tone in thigh deep water. Two scoops and there was a Gold Wedding Band. Sure enough it was engraved and dated as Andy told me it would be. But why in the shallow water? I guess third time is a charm! Aloha to Andy!