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Lost Platinum Diamonds & Sapphires Engagement and Wedding Rings at Ala Moana Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a Ring Finders email request to look for Tiffany’s Platinum Diamonds & Sapphires Engagement and Wedding rings in the sand at Ala Moana Beach. She and her husband reside in Oakland California and were visiting Hawaii on their 3rd Wedding Anniversary. I responded to the email asking her to call me ASAP. Ala Moana is yet another heavily detected beach and time is of essence. Tiffany called and we arranged that she and her husband Lan could meet at the beach around 9 AM. I arrived a little bit early and low & behold there on the beach was a detectorist using a Tesoro Sand Shark detector. That’s a great detector for Hawaii and I was praying he hadn’t already found the rings. When Lan was driving to meet me at the beach he asked, “Is that you in the hat detecting on the beach?” I said, “No!” “But we need to hurry.” “Is he in your area?” and thankfully Lan said, “Not yet but he’s working that direction.” Lan parked I grabbed my gear and off we went. Lan explained that when Tiffany was applying sunscreen on their son she took her rings off so not to scratch him. She told Lan make sure I don’t lose my rings and with a small distraction the rings went missing. They searched in the afternoon heat for about an hour along with other beach goers that chipped in to help. But the rings were never found. So Lan drew a huge grid in the sand for me and I went to work. On the first leg I only spotted a bottle cap. On the second leg the sand was sterile and I was worried the area was already detected the evening before or earlier that morning. Then on the third leg a screaming Platinum tone came over the Excal. I told Lan I think we are in luck. First scoop and there was Tiffany’s engagement ring and one foot away there was the wedding band. Lan stood there in disbelief and said, “You are the man Joe” I said, “Hey look dead center in your grid.” Thanks for that. Tiffany was waiting at the car with her young son as we approached. Lan opened his hand and Tiffany burst into tears. I love these moments and it makes the service that much more rewarding. They each gave me a big hug and so much thanks and appreciation. I told them to just enjoy the rest of your vacation because it all will be just fine now. Aloha to Tiffany & Lan!