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Jewelry Lost in Sand at Huntington Beach , CA. .. Recovered

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***** Bailey’s mother had put her rings and bracelets in her hand bag while she was at beach party at Huntington City That night while everyone was enjoying the camp fire, the hand bag was knocked off a table into the sand. Several pieces of jewelry were lost. 

Bailey’s mother was upset when she came to her home in Apple Valley, CA. Bailey and his friend got into their car to drive 100 miles back to the beach, leaving at 12 midnight. To top things off they were held up over two hours by a road closure on interstate 15. They arrived at the beach at 4 am. After two hours of searching the sand, someone one told them how to contact me. 

I received the call at 6:30 am. When I met them on the beach they were tired and frustrated. We were lucky enough to to find the last two missing pieces of jewelry. A gold high school ring and a gold bangle bracelet. We were very lucky that the beach cleaning equipment was being serviced and didn’t work that area of the beach that night.



Huntington DogBeach .. Opal Ring, a Gift from Grandfather .. Lost in Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)










I left my place early driving north on Pacific Coast Highway. Today would be my second attempt to find a ring lost two days before during low tide tower 28 Huntington DogBeach.
I was driving, when Allie’s grandfather Art called me just as I was leaving Newport Beach. The family was at Huntington DogBeach tower 22.  Allie had been brushing sand off her pants when her beautiful silver ring with an opal slipped off her finger into the dry sand. This ring was very special to her as it was a gift from her grandfather.
I was able to get a ring signal within a few minutes, but when I held a ring up for her to see,  it was not her ring. This has happened several times to me. I need to get a better description of the ring before I get everybody excited just to be disappointed.
Well it turned out to be a happy moment for Allie and the family a few minutes later, when I got another good signal that turned out to be a beautiful Opal in a silver ring. It was a nice day for all and a pleasure for me to help find the ring for Allie. She was so excited!
I was still able to get to my other search location a mile north of this location. Three hours later I found the diamond engagement ring lost in the wet sand two days before. Too much excitement for one day..

Ring found Saturday .. 10-30-15 .. Using a Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector