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Lost Go Pro 3+ in Aulani Disney Resort Ko Olina Lagoon…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

I got a call from Karlo who told me that while he was swimming in the Ko Olina lagoon at the Disney Resort he dropped his Go Pro HERO 3+ in the water. Because he had his daughter with him on a board he didn’t want to panic her by jumping into the 10-15 foot deep water to retrieve it. Also the remnants of Hurricane Madeline are causing high surf and the Lagoon is stirred up more then normal making usually crystal clear visibility very low. Ten foot visibility in Hawaii is horrible. Karlo did take note to where he dropped the camera in reference to an orange buoy. That buoy moves around on it’s mooring to over reef rocks and silty sand. I decided to go take a look myself without my detector to decide which one to use. I put on my scuba gear and swam out to the buoy. Visibility improved a bit where I was at so I decided to do a visual search since I had a 3/4 full tank of air. The buoy was currently over the rocky reef area so I looked down into all the pukkas (Hawaiian for holes) that might be hiding the Go Pro. As I moved away from the buoy towards shore it got sandy and seaward more rocky. I started to make a big arc around the buoy mooring and found a pair of Ray-Ban P glasses that were lost the previous weekend and we might be able to get those returned. As I was coming back towards the rocky area I spotted the Go Pro lying on the bottom face up next to a few boulders. Great I thought. Had it been in the sand I would have needed my metal detector as it definitely would have been silted over. I swam back to shore and went to my truck to call Karlo and give him the good news. Karlo said he never saw me surface after going down and started to worry. I told him I swam ashore underwater. He told me he was so grateful because all his babies photos from this vacation were on the camera as he hadn’t downloaded them yet. Memories saved and the smile was quite evident and huge. Aloha to Karlo!