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Lost Grandmothers ring found in East Providence RI.

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

It was late afternoon when I received a message from a very upset Allison.  She had lost her grandmother’s ring while playing with her dog in the snow at a local tennis park. At some point, she removed her gloves, and the ring fell off into the snow.  She didn’t know where the ring fell off.  Allison and her wife tried to find the ring but didn’t have any luck.  They even bought a metal detector and couldn’t find it.  Allison then turned to the internet to see if someone could help her find her grandmother’s ring.  That’s when she found TheRingFinders website and contacted me.  I responded that I would help and was on my way.  When I arrived at the park, it was dark.  I started my search with Allison holding a flashlight.  I walked about 20 feet, and the first target I hit was the ring.  She was very happy to have this family heirloom back.