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Lost White Gold Cross at Waimanalo Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Christian Cross hunt began when I got a call from Eli who hails from Kansas and is a Marine stationed at Kaneohe Marine Corps Base. While enjoying a picnic at the beach he took off his White Gold Cross and laid it on a towel. Later when he went to retrieve his necklace he found the chain but the cross had disappeared. It was getting dark but several of his Marine buddies pitched in but they couldn’t locate the cross. After posting on a lost and found website he was contacted by a gentleman who told him to try “Theringfinders”. We agreed to meet at the nearby McDonalds and then drove down to the beach. It was already dark so I brought my headlamp and Eli brought a flashlight. In the dark it was difficult to pinpoint the exact area so I decided to do an expanded search. It was a rather sterile beach except a buried firepit that was booming with metal trash right smack in the middle of the search area. I eliminated all the possible targets then moved on. I could see Eli was losing hope as I was down to my last grid line after 40 minutes of searching. Then finally I got a number 1/2 on the Equinox and I looked down and there sticking up out of the sand was one of the arms of the cross. It was glinting in the light of my headlamp so I bent over picked it up and handed it to Eli. He was overcome with joy as it was looking hopeless. Had the cross fallen a few more inches toward the water the tide surge from the night before would have swallowed up the cross and it wouldn’t have been found without a miracle in the water. Eli was extremely grateful as we bid each other so long. Aloha to Eli and Mahalo for your service to this great nation.