Lost Keys Found in Spokane WA

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

So I got an email notification about a comment on my rent a metal detector blog post. When I read the comment, it was from a man name Cameron. He had the lovely task of digging out his cars that were buried in snow. While he was moving the snow around, a friendly man came by with a plow and helped him clear his drive way. Little did Cameron know that when he was putting some chains on his wife’s car his keys had fallen out. Like wise the friendly man who was plowing didn’t know he was pushing around Cameron’s keys. So for five days Cameron and his wife tried to find these keys. Cameron borrowed two metal detectors, he watch a ton of metal detecting videos, and then found The Ring Finders. When I got to Cameron’s house I started searching where Cameron and his wife had not shoveled or sifted the snow. After not finding the keys anywhere around his house I was told by Cameron to look by this truck where the friendly man with a plow had  made his first pile of snow. In that pile was Cameron’s keys,  just a shovels throw away from a five foot tall pile of snow that him and his wife had sifted through. Its a miracle that they were not destroyed by the plow.

the lost keys

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  1. Cameron W says:

    Luke really knows what he’s doing. It only took him about 20 minutes tops to find my keys.he was obviously experienced with metal detecting and was really good at asking the right questions to get a Good idea were to look.Me and my wife probably hand shoveled through a couple thousand pounds of snow for five days trying to find these keys. Hours and hours of shovling,then luke pretty much finds them instantly.Get in contact with him if you have some lost metal i highly recommended Him.

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