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Lost ring found at Island Lake in Novi Michigan

  • from Wixom (Michigan, United States)

I was just finishing dinner on a beautiful summer evening when I received a call from Randy who had lost his wedding ring at a subdivision beach in Novi, Michigan.

While Randy was swimming he left his belongings, including his platinum wedding ring, on a towel in a grassy area by the beach.  When he returned for his towel he accidentally flipped the ring into the grass.  Since he saw it fly off the towel he was confident he knew where it was and that he could find the ring.

After almost two hours of searching Randy started calling everyone he could think of who might own a metal detector.  Unsuccessful at locating a detector he could borrow, he tried the internet.  Lucky for Randy, the Ringfinder web site led him to my phone number.

Since I live close, it only took me about fifteen minutes to reach the beach where Randy pointed out the spot he last saw his ring. 

It took less than five minutes to find the ring.  There it was hiding in the grass.

This could be a record.  Randy had his ring back on his finger 30 minutes after calling for help from


Lost Ring Found, Island Lake Recreation Area 7/1/2018

  • from Wixom (Michigan, United States)

Angela texted me that her brother in law Brian had lost his ring  the day before at Island Lake Recreation Area.  They were swimming  in a small pond  that was a good hike from a sanctioned swimming area.  Since it is not listed as a metal detecting area on the park map, we stopped and asked the very kind lady at the admissions booth to contact the ranger for permission.  Permission obtained we drove to the south side of the park and hiked to the swimming hole.  The bottom dropped off sharply, typical of a former a gravel pit, and the danger was multiplied by thick weeds in the deeper areas.   This type of swimming hole can be dangerous; I don’t recommend this pond for swimming.  Everyone took turns with the scoop as we searched the deep water.  Fortunately, I located the ring on the sand bar about 20 to 30 feet out, after about a two hour search.


It was clear Brian had given up the ring as lost forever.  I slipped it to Angela while I hunted up my camera, and after telling Brian we were all going home, we surprised him with his ring.


Happy Ending to a Beautiful Day

Lost ring found in Spring Mill Pond at Island Lake Recreation Center, Brighton, Michigan

  • from Wixom (Michigan, United States)

While showing a friend the spot where I recovered a ring last week, I noticed a group of about 20 young men.  They had been playing a rowdy game that looked like a cross between football and lacrosse in waist to shoulder deep water, up and down the swimming area and now they had suddenly switched to that familiar search mode, with the players all bent over looking for something lost in the water.   I gave them about fifteen minutes and when they were getting out of the water, looking discouraged, I approached the group.

After some banter back and forth I finally isolated the young man who admitted to losing his wedding ring.  I was not able to search that evening so I gave him my card and told him I would return the following morning.   It was cold and breezy the next morning; but I found the ring in knee deep water with a 3 hour search.

Usually I get a contract, or at least a phone number; but I could tell he didn’t believe I could find it, and he didn’t really want to give me any information.  It was a few days before he called, and I was beginning to wonder if he wanted it back at all.

Let’s just say that he was surprised to hear I had his ring.  He sent me a wedding picture to verify he was the owner, and I put his ring in the mail.

You can check out my search on YouTube