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Lost wedding ring Ventura beach found!

I got a frantic phone call last night from a young lady who had lost her wedding ring in the sand at Pierpont Ventura beach. It was getting dark so I threw my headlamp into the truck along with my detector and scoop and raced out to the beach. When I got there I met Sarah who proceeded to tell me the story of her lost ring. Ventura county has been in the middle of a heat wave so Sarah decided to bring her 4 kids and 2 dogs from her house inland to the beach for a respite from the heat. She had evidently placed her ring in a secure bag along with her phone and placed it into her cart. Sometime during the day she had taken the phone out to take some photos of the kids and as bad luck would have it, her ring came out to. Unfortunately she didn’t see it go out or where it landed but knew it was gone.

By the time I got searching the fog had rolled in, it was dark and my headlamp was all that would illuminate the sand. I walked a series of grid patterns up and down the dry sand but couldn’t locate the ring. I told Sarah and her husband I’d be back in the morning when it was light to find it.

When I got there the sun was just coming up and I proceeded to re-walk my existing grid lines and expanded my search even further. Sarah had thought she lost it in the dry sand so I focused all my attention there and continued to increase my gridding. After two hours of hunting in the dry sand I decided to try the wet sand on the off chance she had lost it there. The high tide was big last night so I figured she may have been in the dry during the day but now it was in the wet. After about 3 minutes of working the wet I got a strong target sound, put my scoop in the sand and out came Sarah’s ring!

I called Sarah and she excitedly met me at the beach and told me some more back story about the ring. Sarah shared that she was a Las Vegas shooting survivor and how when the bullets were flying out she was hiding in the fetal position and all she could do was look at her ring, think of her husband and 4 children and pray that God would get her through this. When people ask why I do this (find rings) it’s because it’s not just a ring but it’s someone’s story. The ring isn’t valuable because it’s worth money it’s valuable because it tells a story.The story didn’t end there though as I shared with my wife the good news and sent her a picture of Sarah with the ring. My wife and I are both school teachers by trade and she mentioned that Sarah looked familiar and that she had a Sarah years ago and she wondered if they were one in the same. My wife has an amazing memory as I can’t remember students I had last year and here she is saying she had Sarah in the 2nd grade 30 years ago. I texted Sarah asking her where she went to elementary school and sure enough, my wife was Sarah’s 2nd grade teacher. You just never know how your story will turn out.