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Lost Necklace in Wheaton Illinois recovered.

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

I received a call from a man to look for a necklace that his wife “MAY” have lost in the backyard of her mother in law’s house while visiting Wheaton, Illinois. Since both he and his wife were back home, he sent me a map of where she may have lost it. It could have been in one of the 3 piles of brush, or in the lawn. I gridded the lawn using string to control the search. Nothing in the lawn. I even searched outside of the suggested lawn area! I checked all three piles of brush, nothing. So I was ready to give up but decided there was one area I had not searched. BINGO!! Nestled nicely in the leaves was this beauty.

Lost gold necklace, Daytona Beach, Florida…..Found and Returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Amber sent me a text asking about The Ring Finders service and how soon I could come out and help find her lost gold necklace. Apparently she was by a lake behind her apartment sunbathing and decided to take off her necklace for fear of getting a tan line. She laid her gold necklace on the towel and soon forgot all about it. A mother duck came by with 6 little babies and Amber decided to have a closer look. She gathered up her towel and walked along the waters edge over to where the little ducks were. She spent a few minutes observing the little ducklings and then headed up to her apartment. An hour later Amber felt her neck and was stunned to realize her chain was missing. She remembered taking it off and laying it on her towel so she ran downstairs and out the door, retracing her steps all the way back to where she had taken her necklace off. The grass was thick and Amber hoped that she would be able to see her gold necklace against the green color of the grass. But it ended up being much more difficult because of the small bits of dead grass here and there that were the exact same color as her gold necklace. After searching for some time and not finding it, Amber realized she needed some help so she typed “Metal detector-lost necklace” into her phone and up popped web site. The next day I was able to meet Amber and do a successful search and it was amazing how well her golden necklace blended in with the grass. It took 10 minutes of grid searching the exact area where she picked up her towel and the relief was obvious when I showed her where her lost necklace was hiding. Thank you Amber for calling me and giving me the opportunity to help you in your time of need.
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