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Heirloom Engagement Ring Lost In Car While Using Hand Sanitizer Newcastle WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch the SeattleRingHunter recover a lost heirloom platinum diamond engagement ring from a car.

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November 2021 Martina called asking for help. She explained that she was in her friends car sitting in the front passenger seat. She had just put hand sanitizer on and her engagement ring slipped out of her grasp. After stopping the car in her driveway the girls were very cautious searching absolutely every place they could however they were unable to locate her engagement ring. This engagement ring came from her fiancés mother and Thanksgiving was just days away. Martina could not bear the thought of hang to tell her future mother-in-law the sad news.

Desperate and frantic to find a solution after searching the car several times with no success lead her to a Google search that landed her at She put her local zip code in and found my listing. After reading my profile page she was convinced enough to give me a call seeking some professional help. I reassured her that I have experience and special tools for this exact type of search and that I would do all I could to find the ring if its still there to be found. I also reassured her I’d be able to search her front yard if the ring didn’t show up in the car.

We met at her friends home where I was greeted with a very clean car.  Never assuming anything I had to ask her if the car was this clean during the time of the loss or if it had been picked up at all. She assured me            the car was in the same condition since the loss. As experienced finders we have learned to ask a lot of investigative questions to draw as many details as possible. If there had been other bags or garbage in the car this could leading to other potential hiding spots as to where a lost ring could get transported out of its initial location. I as happy to hear on the search that car was as clean as the day of the loss. This drove some confidence that the ring might sill be in the vehicle. Keeping a positive frame of mind always helps with any search. After searching under the passenger seat with my video endoscope and bright LED flashlight there was one hot spot that had to be checked. The HVAC vent under the seat. These are typically like a plastic duct system designed to direct heating and cooling towards the back seat passengers. Rings bing heavy in nature will often make their way to the lowest parts and sometimes fall inside these duct tubes. From there is unfortunately a slippery duct system with smooth metal rings against a plastic duct system.  The longer they are in a vehicle the deeper they may go as every brake action can cause the ring to move further and further out of reach. This is why time is your enemy if you have lost a ring especially in your vehicle! Fortunately we have some pretty creative tools and experience in recovery of rings lost in vehicles. It’s not at all recommended to take your car to a mechanic for a lost ring. We have examples of people having seats pulled from a vehicles, large labor charges and still no rings recovered. Remember a mechanics aren’t focused on lost ring recovery and are typically working as fast as possible to get each job accomplished. An auto mechanic shop is not the best option for a lost item recovery search. Being a mechanic myself and having all the tools to remove seats from vehicles I have found easier and better ways of inspection and item recovery reducing seat removal. 

What the video to see my process in action returning now only a cherished engagement ring but a big smile to Martina’s face. She was very relieved and now ready to visit her family for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Lost white gold wedding ring Spokane Valley, FOUND!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

After a few closure searches a Ring Finder might be thinking he is on a losing streak. However today my losing streak stopped. Casey, Stefanie’s husband called me this morning with a request to find his wife’s lost wedding ring. Casey explained to me that the ring was lost in their car. I asked my normal questions of did she feel it come off, and did you look for it. All answers checked out, so I headed over to their house. Casey went over the whole scenario of how the ring came off and it involved a crying baby, some hand lotion and a quick reach to retrieve an item out of the back seat. So in the back seat is where I started my search. I looked up, down, left, right, up, down, left, right, and repeat. Your eyes are the detector when you are searching in a car. I cleared three seats and was just finishing the fourth when I had that moment. A Ring Finders recovery moment. I looked at Casey and said “I think I see it”. Casey was in shock and disbelief. So I asked him does it have two bands and he confirmed that what I was seeing was it. I told Casey that the ring was just under the left hand side 3rd row seat on the frame rail. However, the ring was sitting under the ledge of the rail. My fat fingers couldn’t grab it so we were forced to unbolt the back seat. After removing the two bolts and lifting up the seat I said, “I have to take a picture”. Because the ring was sitting on the rail just waiting to be picked up. After Casey went and got Stefanie I was able to place the ring in her hand. Her mourning tears dried instantly and their happy smiles came back. Not even a car can stop a Ring Finders happy ending. Thank you Casey and Stefanie for trusting The Ring Finders to find your lost ring.

Casey&Stephen smiles