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Lost Wedding Ring on Beach in Atlantic City,NJ Recovered by Ed Cropski

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from Josh asking if I could find this platinum wedding band he had lost on the beach earlier that day while throwing a football. Fortunately Josh had taken good notes as to the area that he had been in during the time of the loss which assisted me in a quick recovery. He noted which beach entrance,life guard stand and off to the right  between 6-7 trash cans which are set up every 50 feet or so. All this information helped put me in the exact location to find his ring even in the dark of night. After a short 20 minute search I received the signal I was looking for from my White’s Beach Hunter id metal detector and his ring was in my scoop! Speaking with Josh earlier in the night he stated that he and his wife had dinner plans for the night as they were celebrating their 1 year wedding anniversary and that it would mean the world to them if I was able to locate and return his ring. I was excited to be able to call him and tell him that I found it and told hime to go ahead and finish his dinner with his wife and friends but he couldn’t wait to excuse himself from the table and meet me on the boardwalk. When I showed him the ring as he walked up he was just full of smiles and relief and was just so thankful for my help and was excited to be able to go back to his wife at dinner wearing his wedding ring. Another great ending, Congratulations Josh!IMG_289410589851_10202552589286556_1478514987_n

Metal Detecting Service for a Lost Wedding Band in the Ocean at Kits Beach, Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call the other day from a young man who lost his wedding ring in the ocean while swimming, he tried for a few hours to find it but the tide was fast moving in and the depth was getting to deep to continue the search.

He remembered a friend of a friend who lost their ring and how they found me on The Ring Finders Directory, so he got on line and found the directory and called me.

From his description of where the ring was lost I knew I’d have to hit it hard at low or a little before. Lots of people metal detect the swimming areas everyday at low tide.

I decided to make a night of it and arrived at midnight at Kits Beach and searched the dry sand until 6am. I found a little over $20 in change 1 iPhone 4s that was returned back to the owner later that day, 1 Tungsten wedding band(still looking for the owner) 1 big Heart pendent and long chain and loads of bottle caps, pull tabs & booby pins.

At 6 am I tested the water and it was cold but I knew I better get at it and search for the lost white gold wedding band. After 15 minutes in the nice but cold water I got a good signal and after checking the scoop I saw the glimmer of white gold mixed in with the rocks and sand.



It only took 15-20 minutes because David remembered to take notes and references to where the ring was lost and that helps me a lot.




I love my job!

Lost something…Call me ASAP!


Watch video of the search here…

Lost Wedding Ring Found at Waimea Bay

  • from Waikīkī (Hawaii, United States)
I got a call from my friend Justin, who is also part of the RingFinders directory he told me a young lady at Waimea Bay had just lost her wedding ring, and he wouldn’t be able to help her I told Justin that I would be more than happy to help her find the ring. She was taking the ring off to put it in her purse and dropped it in the deep dry sand… she told me it just disappeared.
 I met her at Waimea at about 10:00 am and around 11:30, the ring was back  on her finger the first thing she said was can I give you a hug and squeezes the  h… out of me…Priceless!
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Diamond Wedding Ring Found at Green Hill Beach, South Kingstown, RI

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

Two days ago, I received a call from Andrea, who was vacationing at a beach house in South Kingstown with her husband and three young sons.  Andrea explained that she had lost her diamond ring while playing football in the water two days earlier.  She was so upset about it that she had lost sleep and asked for my help.  When I arrived at the beach house, we took a small boat across a salt water pond and followed a path to get to the ocean beach where the ring had  been lost.  I searched for two and a half hours in the surf.  When I emerged with the ring on my little finger, Andrea was so surprised and delighted!  Her husband was shocked.  He was so certain that it couldn’t be found that he had made a bet with his son, a bet I’m sure he wasn’t upset about losing!  The best part was when their youngest son turned to me and said, “Thank you for finding my mom’s ring.”


Diamond Engagement Ring Found at Narrow River, Narragansett, RI

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

Two days ago, Marissa and Dave set out for a nice day of kayaking at the ocean.  The day quickly took a turn for the worse when Marissa lost her diamond engagement ring in a river running off of the ocean.  She jumped out of the kayak and frantically searched for the ring, but it had disappeared.  Surprisingly, it was Dave’s family in California who located me on the internet and suggested they call.  When I received Marissa’s desperate telephone call, I immediately headed for the beach.  It was late afternoon when I started the search, but daylight and the tide were against me.   I searched for four and a half hours, unsuccessfully. I was not giving up.  I returned the next day, expanded my search, and found the ring in fifteen minutes, buried underwater in a few inches of sand.  Words cannot express how happy Marissa is to have her beautiful ring back!

Diamond Wedding Band Found at Quonochontaug Beach, Charlestown, RI

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

I received a call from Lisa after she had lost her diamond wedding band while vacationing with her husband in their favorite RI fishing and camping spot.  She contacted me through The Ring Finders website.  Lisa had been collecting quahogs in a marshy area of a salt water pond, digging them with her bare hands from a raft.  When she finished, she realized that she had lost her ring somewhere in the mucky bed of the pond.  Lisa’s husband, Erik, led me to the remote area in the hopes of recovering his wife’s ring; however, Lisa did not hold out much hope of ever seeing the ring again.  After searching for five hours and just before we were ready to leave, I found the ring in my last scoop of the day.  I put the ring in my pocket, not letting on that it had been located.  After reaching the shore, I pulled out the assorted junk I had dug up. The last item I revealed was the ring.  Lisa and Erik were ecstatic!  They could not believe that it had been found!  Bringing such happiness to this nice couple quickly made the long search worthwhile.