Diamond Wedding Ring Found at Green Hill Beach, South Kingstown, RI

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

Two days ago, I received a call from Andrea, who was vacationing at a beach house in South Kingstown with her husband and three young sons.  Andrea explained that she had lost her diamond ring while playing football in the water two days earlier.  She was so upset about it that she had lost sleep and asked for my help.  When I arrived at the beach house, we took a small boat across a salt water pond and followed a path to get to the ocean beach where the ring had  been lost.  I searched for two and a half hours in the surf.  When I emerged with the ring on my little finger, Andrea was so surprised and delighted!  Her husband was shocked.  He was so certain that it couldn’t be found that he had made a bet with his son, a bet I’m sure he wasn’t upset about losing!  The best part was when their youngest son turned to me and said, “Thank you for finding my mom’s ring.”


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  1. Andrea says:

    Dear Gary,

    I still keep thinking… I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!
    An underwater metal detector proved to be a great tool… But more than anything, it takes a nice, caring person like you to accomplish the mission 🙂

    While heading over to the boat you told me you were going put your 110% into the search to find my ring, sure enough you did!

    Such a great service, I had no idea this existed. Keep it up! Must be so rewarding to put a smile on people’s faces when loosing rings of such sentimental value.

    Again, THANK YOU, it was a stressful time but with a very happy ending for all of us!

    All the best to you and your family,


  2. Bob Orifice says:

    On Labor Day weekend I was swimming in the Misquamicut/Westerly waters when I lost my chain and the items attached. I was devistated because on the gold chain was my fathers Army Dog Tags (Andrew Orifice), his gold wedding band, and a gold cross and Mitzpah medal. The dog tags and gold wedding band were all left to me since he passed a few years ago. I feel horrible that he survived through World War II with these dog tags and I only have them two years and lost them, I’m sick to death. While putting a lost and found add in the RI Craigslist I noticed RingFinders and called Gary. I explained what happened and he was quick to come to help me out. Gary met with me and was soon in the waters which had 5 foot swells amd literally knocked him under several times, but he never gave up right into the night, amazingly. Unfortunatley we didnt find the chain and its contents but Gary has never quit trying to find the chain. Most recently (this week)Septemebr 26th and again this weekend Septemebr 29th Gary was again in the waters searching. He did find a ring but not my Dad’s. He is a great guy who cares about the sentimental value of my Dad’s dog tags and ring and works tirelesly to try to find them, I never saw such a committed guy. He knows I’m sick to death over this and feels for me. I can’t say enough about this guy and this organization. I even got a call the other day from the Chris the founder of RingFinders International. Chris was as nice as Gary, these are genuine people who are concerned for those who lose charished items, and these guys work for minimal fees that doesn’t even come close to the time they put in.

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