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Diamond Wedding Band Found at Quonochontaug Beach, Charlestown, RI

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

I received a call from Lisa after she had lost her diamond wedding band while vacationing with her husband in their favorite RI fishing and camping spot.  She contacted me through The Ring Finders website.  Lisa had been collecting quahogs in a marshy area of a salt water pond, digging them with her bare hands from a raft.  When she finished, she realized that she had lost her ring somewhere in the mucky bed of the pond.  Lisa’s husband, Erik, led me to the remote area in the hopes of recovering his wife’s ring; however, Lisa did not hold out much hope of ever seeing the ring again.  After searching for five hours and just before we were ready to leave, I found the ring in my last scoop of the day.  I put the ring in my pocket, not letting on that it had been located.  After reaching the shore, I pulled out the assorted junk I had dug up. The last item I revealed was the ring.  Lisa and Erik were ecstatic!  They could not believe that it had been found!  Bringing such happiness to this nice couple quickly made the long search worthwhile.