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Lost wedding ring found Agoura Hills

I got a call this morning from probably one of the best friends a person could ask for. It seems that Tommy, his wife and another couple had been enjoying a great night of friendship and food in Tommy’s beautiful backyard. In the process of making one of his points Tommy’s friend made an animated gesture with his hands and threw them up to make a point and when he did, his wedding ring went flying. It was dark, nobody was quite sure where it went and after they had searched for a while the decision was made to call me and I came out. Tommy pointed out the area he thought it may have gone into which was a planter area about 200 sq feet but loaded with rose bushes and bark. To make matters more difficult the detector was picking up various sprinkler stakes and the side of the house which has metal in the stucco.

I began a hands and knees search with hand held pinpointer and searched for about an hour with no luck. I ran the wand around the rose bushes as best as I could trying to see if it had been stuck on a branch but between the thorns and the other bushes I cam up empty. I hate not finding rings for customers so I decided to make one more pass on all the rose bushes with my minelab equinox 800 and two minutes in got a tone and sure enough I found it suspended on the branch of one of the rose bushes. Neither Tommy nor I knew we were searching for a three ring “ring” and two of the rings actually had caught individual little branches so it would have been suspended up there for awhile until pruning time in the late fall. It was a great find and one that I won’t soon forget. As a reminder, call me as soon as you think you have lost your ring because time can be critical in getting it back. I can be reached at 805-290-5009.