Wedding Ring Found for Owner, Old Silver Beach, Falmouth, MA

  • from Falmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

Labor Day ended on a depressing note for John, who lost his year-old wedding ring in chest-deep water a couple of hundred feet offshore.  I received a call from him in early evening, asking if I was ‘the ring finder’ and if I could search for his ring.  I of course said that I would, but it would have to be the next day as we were entertaining holiday guests.  We met at the beach near low tide the following day and I did a 2-hour search in the area where John felt that he’d lost the ring.  I called a halt as it was getting dark but I told John I’d be back the next day to expand the search area.  On reflection, he thought maybe he’d been somewhat farther south when the ring slipped from his finger, so I planned to work that area when I returned.  After about an hour of searching that area the next day, I got a sweet booming signal that cried out ‘RING’ and soon had John’s hefty wedding band in my scoop.  With a call to John, we agreed to meet at the beach the next morning, and I had the great pleasure of being able to give John his beautiful ring and share in the joy of its return.  Another great day for The Ring Finders!


John’s buttery gold ring.


Definitely a lead contender in the book of smiles.


John’s ring, back where it belongs.


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  1. John-Luke Fellows says:

    Thank you for the reunion Brian, you’ve truly given me so much joy!!!

    1. John, you are most welcome. I’m so happy that I was able to re-unite you with that beautiful ring! I hope that it’s now being re-sized! 😉

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