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Lost White Gold Diamond Earring, Blue Quill Neighborhood, Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Scott called me yesterday morning requesting my service to locate his wife’s earring. After asking Scott a few questions I agreed to meet around 2:30 pm.

His wife, Isis, had been brushing her hair outside, felt the earring come off, and then had heard a ping sound. I searched the possible area for the earring and moved some rocks. With my pin pointer I was able to locate the earring underneath the rocks. I called Isis over and showed her where I found the earring. She was very happy to have her earring back as the earring had been in her possession for a very long time.

Another Happy Client.

White gold earring lost in Centennial, Colorado – Returned

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Alexis was playing volleyball with her family and friends in her sister’s yard when her earring got caught in the net and flung into the yard. Luckily one of her opponents had seen the earring get launched but did not see exactly where it ended up. The volleyball game halted and the search for the lost earring began but luck was not with them as the earring remained hidden in the long grass. Alexis’ sister, Stephanie, found me through The Ring Finders and contacted me about searching for this precious lost item. We made arrangements for a search on a Thursday evening.

Upon arrival Stephanie explained how the earring was lost and showed me the location that Alexis was in (marked by a couple of tent stakes). I tested the remaining earring on my V3i in several programs before I found a program that would respond to such a small bit of metal. I began my search in the area of the tent stakes and found no earring so I expanded my search area. Within a couple of minutes I received a signal similar to that of my test target. As I parted the grass I could see the shape and color of the lost earring, I looked up at Stephanie and said “I found the match to that earring”. We called up Alexis and let her know that the earring had been found, she was quite happy. About 15 minutes later there was Alexis ready to get her pair of earrings back.

Earring recovered 7-2-2015

Alexis & earring Alexis' earring