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Ring lost in Carmel Valley, Found

from La Jolla (California, United States)

Greg called me asking for help finding his wedding ring in the backyard pool area of a friend’s home. He had been playing pool volleyball, when he lost his ring sometime during the fun. When he got out of the water, he noticed his naked finger, and started a search. They dove back in the pool and scanned the bottom, checked the filter, and combed the surrounding area…..even that night with a powerful light, hoping to catch a glint of sparkle from one of the stones in the band. No luck, so, Greg found me online and arranged to meet me at the friend’s house. When I arrived, we discussed the events leading up to the present, and I started my search while they went and rechecked the pool filter one more time. I started my search at one end of the yard beyond the west end of the pool. Not 2 minutes later, I found the ring on the first signal. It was just 6 inches from the fence in some sand. Those are the ones we like! Quick and drama free! Good thing, as some of the yard would have been a challenge with rocks, bushes and other landscaping that would have been a lot harder to search. A pleasure to meet everyone and thank you Greg for the reward.100_1484 100_1485