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2-Year Miracle – Men’s Gold Wedding Ring Returned to Owner, Falmouth, MA

  • from Falmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

Sometimes miracles do happen!  I was alerted by my daughter about a lost-ring post on the Fabulous Falmouth Facebook page.  Allie posted a picture of a wedding ring that her husband Michael lost 2 years ago on Woodneck Beach in Falmouth, in hopes that someone would find and return it.  The ring had been lost only a week after they were married.  Allie’s picture showed a fairly unique ring style that seemed familiar, so I looked through rings I’d recovered while metal detecting in the past and sure enough, the style, the place, and the date of loss all matched up with a ring I’d found.

Allie and I made contact and we agreed to meet at the beach in the evening so I could return the ring to Michael.  We met and enjoyed a great conversation and celebration – what a nice couple!  I learned that they had never replaced Michael’s ring, though they’d tried, because it just didn’t feel right.  So it was a real delight to be able to return the ring and see it on Michael’s finger where it belonged.  Michael said he will get the ring re-sized to assure that this saga will not be repeated.  Another success story for the Ring Finders, even though with a 2-year delay!

Allie & Michael. The ring is home after two years.


Michael’s wedding ring.


Successful Search & Recovery of Men’s Platinum Wedding Ring, Falmouth Heights Beach, Falmouth, MA

  • from Falmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

I received a call this morning from Corey, from his home in Boston.  Yesterday, while playing spike ball and enjoying the beach in the hot, humid weather, his platinum wedding band went astray from his pocket where he’d placed it for safekeeping.  His friends found the Ring Finders on the web and told Corey to give me a call to see if I could search for the ring.  I made it to the beach about a half hour after the call and began a search pattern in the area that Corey had described over the phone.  The description was not very precise, so after searching for 45 minutes I called a number that he’d provided for a friend who’d been with them the previous day.  The friend showed up and after some discussion we identified an area another 100-150 feet down the beach where it looked like there had been some heavy activity, likely from a spike ball game.  Sure enough, it did not take a long search before I came across the sweet signal expected from a platinum band and scooped up Corey’s ring.  I made a call to Corey and dropped the ring off at the friend’s house, so it will assuredly will find its way back home ere long.  A big thanks to Corey’s friends for searching out the Ring Finders and especially to Corey for giving me the opportunity to look for this precious item!


Corey’s Platinum Ring

Corey’s a happy man with his ring back on his finger.