Thomas LeMasurier, Author at The Ring Finders

Lost 14 K Gold Wedding Set Recovered From Red Jacket Resort In North Conway, NH.

  • from North Conway (New Hampshire, United States)

After a morning of swimming at the indoor water part Erin and Her husband went and enjoyed sledding for a bit on the north lawn of the resort. While at the water park Erins husband had put their wedding rings in his winter hat so they would not forget or lose them, as they’re about to leave the resort to embark on their long journey home Erins husband heard his wedding band hit the ground by the vehicle in the parking lot but her wedding set was missing. I received a call from Erin A little while later and I was able to locate her wedding set the next morning at the bottom of the hill on the north lawn.

Lost ring Bartlett NH…Found!

  • from North Conway (New Hampshire, United States)

Pascal and his family were visiting the White Mountains back in August and up on visiting a well known swimming area where his farther wedding band that he wore on his neck would be lost. In October I talked to his wife and she informed me of the Situation and informed her that nothing was guaranteed but I would go take a look around before the storm was supposed to hit. I look for about 2 hours that day and didn’t have any luck. 20 days after my initial search I had to go by the area the ring was lost in on my way to run some errands and gave it another go, I looked for about another hour and a half or so before the snow storm was supposed to hit and, bingo just as I was getting ready to throw in the towel lol there it was the signal from the Minelab gods we all like to here and the TID said it all. Pascals fathers ring is now backwhere it belongs.

Lost Ring Ossippee NH.

  • from North Conway (New Hampshire, United States)

July 2, 2019.

Allie and her fiancé went for a late night swim off there doc on lake Ossipee but,  before jumping in the water they placed the towels on the dock with her ring on top. They swam for about a half an hour got out grabbed the towels not thinking about the ring being on top and off it went into the depths. I answered the call and made plans to meet in the morning, open arriving at the scene there was a 3’x3’x6” pile of sand on the dock an aluminum dock might I add, so going through the pile with my pin pointer wasn’t an option, they suggested pushing the sand back in the water but I didn’t want to risk damaging the ring in anyway so we rinsed the dock hoping it would show it’s beautiful self but we had no luck with it being in the pile. I dawned my snorkel gear and in the drink I went, 10 minutes later jackpot. They couldn’t have been happier.

Gorgeous ring returned in East Waterboro, ME.

  • from North Conway (New Hampshire, United States)

Linsey of East Waterboro, ME. works with people who have special needs. On Saturday the 23 of December Linsey pulled in the driveway with one of her clients put the vehicle in park, exited the vehicle and as she walked around the back to help her client  she pulled her left glove off her hand and watched the ring fly through the air and land in the snow on the driveway. She quickly helped her client, marked the area where the ring landed contacted the plow guy via text to let him know not to plow but he never got the message. I showed up Sunday morning with my excal and got the job done. I shoveled the snow banks back into the driveway and stared swinging. Ring was recovered in 45 minutes.