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Lost Ring Ossippee NH.

  • from North Conway (New Hampshire, United States)

July 2, 2019.

Allie and her fiancé went for a late night swim off there doc on lake Ossipee but,  before jumping in the water they placed the towels on the dock with her ring on top. They swam for about a half an hour got out grabbed the towels not thinking about the ring being on top and off it went into the depths. I answered the call and made plans to meet in the morning, open arriving at the scene there was a 3’x3’x6” pile of sand on the dock an aluminum dock might I add, so going through the pile with my pin pointer wasn’t an option, they suggested pushing the sand back in the water but I didn’t want to risk damaging the ring in anyway so we rinsed the dock hoping it would show it’s beautiful self but we had no luck with it being in the pile. I dawned my snorkel gear and in the drink I went, 10 minutes later jackpot. They couldn’t have been happier.