Wedding Ring Lost on Marina Del Rey Beach, CA...Found.

from Redondo Beach (California, United States)


Bahram called me last night about 11:15 for his friend Vusal who had lost his wedding ring on the beach earlier in the day. Vusal is a physician from Azerbaijan who is here studying liver transplant medicine at UCLA. The two were at the beach about 3:00PM when Vusal had taken off his ring to enter the water. He put his ring in his bag, on top of his towel. They had originally been in front of the Lifeguard tower when they were asked to move because of the safety corridor the Lifeguard had created.

I told Bahram (he was helping translate for Vusal and myself) that I would like to try and find the ring as soon as possible and arranged to meet them in about 40 minutes. I arrived at about 12:00 AM and we walked out to the area to search. We searched the original area they were before the Lifeguard told them to move with no results. We then moved over to second area, and I began to grid the new area. It was then that Vusal told Bahram that he remembered the towel being in the bag until they arrived to this new area, when he removed it to lay out on the sand. That convinced me that we needed to focus on this area for the remainder of the search.

At about 12:45 a Police patrol came rolling upon us, and told us the beach was closed and we needed to leave. I explained what I was doing, and that Vusal had lost his ring, so they agreed to let us remain to continue the search. They went on to kick others off the beach while we searched. About 15 minutes later, a little outside of the area that Bahram and Vusal had shown me, I was able to find the ring, the ring Vusal had had for 8 years, something so important, he was willing to meet me on the beach in the early morning, after taking an UBER taxi from about 30 miles away; because of a phone call to a person he had never met. I am happy to have made his day, a day we will all three remember.


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