Wedding band found at Sand Banks Provincial Park

Received a phone call from Eddy last evening about having lost his wedding band at Sand Banks Provincial Park. They are vacationing from the Barrie area. Eddy was playing the in the sand, burying his two year old daughter in the sand and notice shortly after that his wedding band was missing. After an hour or so of gridding the area, ring was found. Another happy ending.

4 Replies to “Wedding band found at Sand Banks Provincial Park”

  1. Eddie Donato says:

    Stephane was unbelievable. Got the job done as advertised. He was the talk of the campfire that evening. I wouldn’t recommend losing your wedding ring at the beach. If you do, Stephane will find it.

    1. Stephane says:

      Thank you Eddy. Very happy I could find it for you buddy.


  2. George Hicks says:

    Way to go Stephane!

    1. Stephane says:

      Thanks George.

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