Apple Watch recovery in Glen Ross Ontario, while Scuva diving.

Received a call about a person having lost their Apple Watch while diving off an old train bridge into a local canal/waterway near Glen Ross, Ontario. With the help of Diving partner, we were able to return the watch to the owner. Very lucky as conditions were very difficult with tons of weeds and silt. Yet another happy customer.

2 Replies to “Apple Watch recovery in Glen Ross Ontario, while Scuva diving.”

  1. Doug T says:

    Very Happy with the work Stéphane and his partners provided as they were very professional and friendly And best of all Very productive as they retrieved Apple Watch from Trent River.

  2. Hey Doug,

    You are very welcome. This had to be one one of the worst Scuba diving recovery with all the weeds and silt. Sure glad we found it for you. 🙂

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