Lost Wedding Ring... Found Des Moines, Iowa


Austins ring AustinI found a white gold wedding band today for a young fella named Austin. He lost it while mowing roadside ditches this summer. When he parked the tractor he noticed his wedding ring was gone.

At one point during the day he had stopped to clean the mower out and figured he lost it there. His dad had an older metal detector so he went over the area with it and said he found lots of junk but not the ring.

So I had the day off from work for Veterans Day and we decided to meet up and see if we could come up with it even though it was brutally cold out with the wind blowing out of the north. When I started the search I found out why he had trouble at this site. It was at a crossroads in the country and it seemed that everyone who stopped at the stop sign threw some kind of junk metal into the ditch. I had many good gold signals that turned into pulltabs, pop tops, foil, bits of cans and other assorted junk.

Luckily some of the dead grass he had pulled from the mower was still laying there in clumps so it marked where he had cleaned out the mower. In one of those clumps I got another good gold signal, a 12-16 on the CTX3030 at two inches. There under the dead grass was his ring!

Glad I could help him out and he was very happy to have his ring back.

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  1. john@volek says:

    nice work,

    John Volek
    Houston RF

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Nice going Norman! Sounds like a lot of junk out there but you found the prize!

  3. Nice thing to do on veteran’s day!

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