Gold Ring Found Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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Received a call yesterday afternoon from Matt in regards to finding his ring which was lost last November after his girlfriends chucked it over the fence into somebody’s back yard after having a disagreement, I asked Matt why it took him this long to try and find his ring he said since it had snowed that day his ring would be buried and it would be safe there until spring, yesterday he was searching on the internet and found me and the rest is history.

Matt told me he had permission from the owner to look for his ring. Made arrangement to meet this morning at the lactation, arrived in the back yard where there was around two feet of snow lucky for me the yard size was only 33’ x 50’ with a deck and fenced; Matt told me it was a heavy gold ring with his initials. Searched the area for about 30 minutes with no luck, then bingo ring found! Underneath the table on the deck somehow the ring must have bounced off something and ended up there as you can see by the picture the ring was very large. Mat & Sam was very happy to get the ring back once again. Thanks Matt for entrusting me and the TheRingFinders to search for your ring.


2 Replies to “Gold Ring Found Edmonton, Alberta Canada”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    That is one big ring you found Norm! I bet that gave you a great signal! Way to go on the recovery!
    Best, Chris Turner

  2. Mark Rubey says:

    Wow! You could almost find that monster with the detector turned off! If he no longer wants it, let me know as it’s my initials too! 😉

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