Lost Wedding Ring Found Millwoods Edmonton Alberta.

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-780-497-2118

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I received a call from Judy this evening around 6 pm asking if I could find her wedding ring that she lost the night before while she was throwing ice melt on her sidewalk. I said if it was in her yard I would find it.

I met up with Judy at her home and she showed me where she had been throwing the ice melt. I turned one my trusty spectra V3i on and with 15 feet of where Judy was standing I found her white gold wedding ring buried in 3 inches of snow. She was very happy when I called her over and showed her where her ring was. Thank you, Judy.

2 Replies to “Lost Wedding Ring Found Millwoods Edmonton Alberta.”

  1. Early CHRISTmas present for Judy. Great results.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Winter can be just as busy as summer… Nice recovery Norm!

    Best, Chris

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