Lost ring at Pacific Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Matt called TheRingFinders for help getting his wedding ring back. Seems he was playing ball out in the waves with a friend when, while catching the ball, it smacked his hand sending his gold wedding band flying into the surf. The bad news…..it was at low tide…..the good news…..it was only knee to thigh deep, and since he called both myself and fellow ring finder member Tony Eisenhower, who brought his grandson, we had a team to help in the search.

We met Matt at the appointed time and place so he could show us the search area. The good news……thankfully he took some reference points to help narrow it down a bit……the bad news……fairly rough surf and quite a bit of kelp to tangle us. Out we went, Tony and me using our new Equinox 800’s and Tony’s grandson with the trusty Excalibur. After about 20-30 minutes and no signals, guess who finally gets a good sound? Yup, the grandson, showing us both up! Tony came over, scooped the nice sound, and success, Matt’s ring is back in the sunshine. Now Matt can head home to MN without having to come up with an explanation to his wife on how he lost his ring here in San Diego. A pleasure to meet you Matt, and thank you for the generous reward.