Platinum wedding band lost at Coronado, Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

John and his family were visiting from Las Vegas and enjoying the beach at Coronado when John lost his ring out in the surf. No way to visually find it once it hits the bottom and gets covered by sand. They saw a a couple metal detecting nearby and ask for their help, but, the ring still couldn’t be found. When I got the call for help from John’s wife Angela, I was planning another ring search at a nearby beach, so, I added John’s to my to-do list. They had already returned home, so, I  asked Angela to send me a map of the search area and a pin poked into the most likely spot. The next decent low tide was about 4am. I started with my first ring search (actually my third attempt for this ring) and after that turned out to be unsuccessful, I headed to Coronado to give that one a try. Armed with my map and a verbal description of the search area, I hunted for about and hour when I got a good signal at dead low in ankle deep water. Sure enough, after verifying the description, it was John’s ring. I sent a text to Angela who arranged for the ring to be shipped home to them. She didn’t tell John that it was found, but, instead, surprised him the following Friday night by handing him a present. When he opened it, he couldn’t believe what he saw! It was all caught on camera, so, I’ll try to figure out how to attach the video. For now, here’s a photo of the ring and of a very happy family. Thank you for the reward and nice card.100_1475 JohnSring

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  1. Larry Griffith says:

    Looking forward to the video. Great work.

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