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Lost Diamond Hoop Earring Found In Farmington Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

wHOOP It Up!

The pictured lady experienced a turnover when her earring went missing last week.
Her and her mom jumped through hoops trying to end the losing streak.
We agreed to meet this morning and move around the play area looking for a scoring opportunity.
Scanning the half court, we noticed a soft relaxing couch large enough to sit, sleep, lay down and watch the game.
After that tip off, my teammate and I dribbled and passed towards the end of the court to set up and score.
Reaching into and thru a hoop hole in the material, I yelled slam dunk! as I pulled out this beautiful 20 points of diamonds hoop earring!
We were thrilled that all the hoop-lah was over and that our dunkadelic strategy along with playing above the rim defeated the underdog with a large point spread, putting her earring back in the game, and bringing March madness to March gladness!

Lost White Gold Ring With Diamonds Found In The Snow In St. Clair Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

Fowl Play


While tending to the chickens and running errands during the wet snowy weather in the Detroit area this past week, this pictured lady’s ring came off. Quite eggsqusite it was and they had taken a lot from their nest egg to buy it.
They decided to wing it and searched around the cluck hoping to bring the ring back from eggs-isle. By fryday their henthusiasm turned to brooding and ruffling of feathers. Finding it seemed as scarce as hens teeth. Feeling mislaid, thinking this isn’t what it’s cracked up to be and that the ring flew the coop, they decided to take it to the nest level, hatched a new idea and said cluck it, let’s reach out to someone with more eggspertise. We decided to meet today at 8 o’cluck and when I got there it didn’t seem that anybroody was around. Circling around the back the couple appeared. They thought it was an eggselent idea to eggsplore the hentrance of the coop and henhouse where she felt it slipped off and the brood scrambled it, but my MXT squawked over targets that were less than chicken feed. I said eggscuse me?… as they crowed I was a bit cuckoo when I eggsclaimed let’s look at the big peckture and search the perimeter of the coop. Searching the 3 sides and closing in on the end of the 4th, anticipating fowl language with nothing to crow about, the MXT gave out a roosting call that really layed it on the line. In one fell swoop into the snow with my Garrett carrot we exclaimed mother clucker there it is!! as it revealed this nested, gorgeous white golden ring at the same time the hens cried fowl, letting out broody growls and cackles scolding us for tempting them with that carrot and blaming them for losing the ring. The couple was eggstremely happy the ring came home to roost. Lastly, suggesting it would crack me up to see them do the funky chicken they said it would be hentertaining to do so, and it was….. poultry in motion!

Lost Silver Ring In The Snow Found In Birmingham Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

Squirrelly Silver!

This pictured lady was out in her yard Saturday evening throwing apples in the direction of multiple squirrels digging thru the snow for grub when her ring came off. When we talked we agreed to meet today and look. When I arrived there was about 2 or so inches of snow. She showed me the place where she stood and gave the general direction of her throws. I saw half eaten fruit and where there may have been critters in the snow and started to grid search in that direction. From above, jumping from different trees 2 squirrels were peering down thru the scented pinecones sending vocalesque squeaks, squawks, chatters and bark-like grunts in our direction with more intensity as we approached the food, or were they trying to send a message to my good luck charm Nessie? Fear aside, we marched on!
No metal targets came thru at first so I started to search along a line 90 deg. from the first. Just when I was getting close to the fence my MXT signaled loud along with a high meter read. As I brushed the snow aside this trapped, thick silver ring revealed itself! As I worked to free the ring from the ice the squirrels scurried down the trees and approached closer thinking we were putting more food down. Upon standing, handing her the ring, she held it up for a pic, but as the squirrels looked at the shiny object they quickly zoomed back towards the trees. We laughed and said as fast and zappy as they are we’ll never catch them but we did catch your squirrely silver!

Lost White Gold Ring Found In Attic In Ann Arbor Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

Old News Is GOOD News!

No news is good news is the all familiar proverb many of us use day to day to reassure us that without information to the contrary we can assume all is well. This wasn’t the case tho with this nice, pictured couple after they searched for his lost ring last week while he was installing a vent on their garage roof. Just below the roof there’s an attic area for storage. He was in 3 different areas in the space moving things around on the joists to make room to install the vent plus walking back and forth to the house. We talked Thursday and agreed to meet today to search.
When I got to the garage it was indeed a tight chamber with no room for both of us. I could just barely get into the area by crawling. Armed with my dust mask, goggles, Garrett carrot and a portable light I couldn’t see directly into the floor joists where he thought it was so I probed with the pin pointer and found lots of nails. The material I was searching thru felt very light and the musty aroma upon entering the chamber reminded me of when I look thru old research materials…I thought hmmm… and as I sifted a bit more I got another signal. Thinking it was a nail I reached down and felt the shape of a ring! Getting myself over the joist with the camera revealed this gorgeous white gold ring that was covered with old newspaper insulation!
I yelled I got it, backed myself out and handed the ring with some of the newspaper to him and said, old news is good news! We both laughed, dusted ourselves off and took some pics.

Lost Platinum Ring In The Leaves Found In Rochester Hills Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

She Couldn’t Beleaf Her Eyes!

The pictured lady’s husband and children were enjoying a typical Detroit area autumn weekend this past Saturday, raking the final drop of leaves into piles, jumping and rolling around in them, but while enjoying the cool crisp air filled with the scent of orange, brown, red and yellow foliage his ring came off.
Thoughts of not finding it after they searched started to take root, with many disagreenments on where it could be, as he had to take a leaf of absence today on a business trip. Taking a leaf of faith she branched out to seek help. When we talked I assured her that I fernly beleaf that I will find it, there was no treety to sign and all that was needed was a qualitree search, and just leaf the work to me. Pushing my electronic rake thru the various piles I got a nice signal in a deep patch of leaves.
Brushing them aside, as the platinum ring came into view we both exclaimed…Son of a birch! There it is!… as she stared in disbeleaf!
After a few pics, hot chocolate and enjoying turning over a new leaf I said, well I’ll leaf you alone now, there’s not mushroom for me to contreebute.

Lost White Gold and Diamonds Ring Found in Royal Oak Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

Lil’ Big Wheels….

……Is what this pictured mom refers to her cutie daughter as when she wants to ride her trike. After preschool today the lil’ one was anxious to get home to go for a ride. As mom was taking items into the house , off went the lil’ cutie to cruise the yard. As mom was doing chores, she heard a scream from the back yard. Running out to see what the issue was she saw her daughter had a wipeout and fell off the trike. Mom came running and assisted her off the grass and into the house to settle down and clean up. A couple hours later mom noticed her ring was missing. When I talked with her we agreed to meet this afternoon. I searched the path she ran from the house with no signal from my MXT. After learning the trike had not been moved since the accident I decided to check around the crash scene. Moving the tipped over trike and scanning revealed this very attractive white gold and diamonds ring just below the grass! After returning to the house and returning the ring Mom was thrilled to have it back!
Lil’ Big Wheels was excited to get back on the road and continue learning to ride although Mom is apprehensive for what the future holds regarding riding in traffic, using hand signals and avoiding unfriendly dogs!


Lost Platinum and Diamonds Engagement Ring Found In Detroit Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

The First 24

9-1-19 8:00pm EST:
The pictured couple just finished dinner at their marina and he pops the question.
9-1-19 10:00pm EST:
After a couple hours of celebrating, dancing, the couple moves onto the wooden plank deck casually strolling towards their pleasure craft.
9-2-19 12:00am EST:
The couple visit with the wedding party on the boat, discussing details and proceed back and forth from the marina bar, approx. 100 feet away.
9-2-19 2:00am EST:
Couple standing on the wood deck next to boat chatting. She begins to fiddle with the ring and it comes off. They feel it went thru the opening between the deck planks and into the water.
9-2-19 11:00am EST:
I answered their call regarding the loss.
9-2-19 12:30pm EST:
We all arrive on the scene and they said they hadn’t been engaged even 24 hrs and the ring was gone!
9-2-19 12:45pm EST:
They said that a local scuba diver came by to look with all apparatus to do a night search but to no avail.
9-2-19 1:00pm EST:
I complete my site investigation, safety conditions, determined depth of water was 6 feet deep, and prepare to scuba.
9-2-19 1:30pm EST:
I walk back to vehicle to get more gear, wondering why the other diver didn’t find it, being that the bottom wasn’t mucky but quite firm with good water clarity.
9-2-19 2:00pm EST:
Just got back to the location on the deck and overheard the couple chatting if we were in correct location to search.
9-2-19 2:15 – 2:30pm EST:
We paused and took a wider look at the deck looking for spots that were wide enough for the ring to go thru.
9-2-19 2:30 EST:
Future husband and I spot something wedged into a deck plank not matching the nail patterns.
9-2-19 2:35pm EST:
We bend down for a closer look and we saw THE RING! wedged deep into a crack in the wood plank! In a very dangerous place! We all screamed that there’s no way this was it! but it was! (see in the pic the small shiny item next to my knife blade)
9-2-19 2:40pm EST:
We decided to move our weight off the plank and I proceeded to feel under the plank to see if the crack went all the way thru. It didn’t so I removed the ring with my knife by carefully prying the wood open a bit to release it and lifting the stunning platinum ring to safety!
9-2-19 3:00 pm EST:
It was time to celebrate! We concluded that the ring came off and someone stepped on it pressing it into the plank in the dark when they were looking for it.
9-2-19 3:30 pm EST:
After a few pics of the find and thrilled that the ring was back in it’s safe place we all decided that this was a great sign that their marriage can withstand many trials as they live happily ever after!
9-2-19 7:30 pm EST
I still can’t believe that the ring didn’t go into the water! This has to be my most luckiest find thus far! All within the first 24!

Lost Gold Ring In The Grass Found In Novi Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

Tan Lines Optional

The pictured young beauty was out tanning yesterday and after slathering up the suntan lotion her ring came off in between trips to her apartment getting cold drinks for the guests. They didn’t realize it was missing until dark, so they combed the grass and searched thru towels and what not to no avail. When I talked with her we agreed to meet today and search the area. The grass was long so I started to search the path she remembered taking into the apartment.
After about 10 min I got a nice solid signal in the ring range on the MXT meter reading about 2″ deep. Pin pointing thru the grass revealed this little beauty with a golden tan all it’s own! She was thrilled that her golden ring was found and enjoyed posing for some pics. Now she can relax, and catch some more rays! Even tho she knows the look of tan lines are hard to pull off, her ring will stay on!

Lost White Gold Ring with Diamonds Found In The Sand In Harrison Township Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

Sandy Toes!

The pictured couple was at a family reunion and the group decided to play some intense beach volleyball. During the jumps, flying sand and close net action her ring came off in the sand. She didn’t realize it till they were done but remembered which of the 2 nets they were at when the ring came off. Lots of people tried to help them look but with no luck yesterday so I met them today and did a grid search and just in front of the net and about halfway the width I got a nice signal 3″ deep.
Probing with the pin-pointer I got a vibe and a nice clunk of metal beneath the sand. Reaching down into the sugary grains revealed this gorgeous specimen! The husband’s back was to me and I had the ring between my fingers in the air as he turned and said I can’t believe it! We looked for hours!
They both came running across the volleyball court barefoot and with sandy toes…….. jumped with excitement!

Lost Titaninum Ring In The Grass Found In Detroit Michigan

from Detroit (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-313-683-3082

Dark Metal Lovers!

The pictured couple were out walking the dog and listening to some music this evening when the dog spotted a squirrel and decided to bolt off and as the leash quickly slipped thru the man’s hand his ring slipped off. Not being sure of the area in question as there was a small pond and some of the area was covered in 4 to 5 inch deep pickers, easy for the dog to go thru but the couple was not able to search. When I arrived the evening was upon us as most of the orangey sunset sky was gone. Setting up my MXT and activating the backlight feature made it nice for a night search.
I decided to start with the picker area first as there seemed to be a bumper crop of the Michigan State Bird the Mosquito upon us making Dracula seem harmless!
I got a few below surface junk signals then a small signal came thru that read 3″ deep when I pressed the coil down and scanned it across the pickers.
I put the pin-pointer into the area and got a vibe, reached down thru with my gloves on and the light on the pin-pointer revealed this beautiful Dark Metal Titanium Ring! I signaled for them to come over and as we all looked down at the ring I said… dark metal, dudes!
We all laughed and went back into the house to get some more pics.
Not sure what they were listening to during their walk, but will finding their dark metal ring turn them into dark metal music lovers?
Hmmm…Only time will tell.