Lost Gold Hawaiian Style Wedding Ring at Aulani Lagoon Ko Olina Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on Friday when I received a call from Megazar who lives in Ewa Beach.  While enjoying the cool waters of the lagoon with his lovely wife Edah his Gold Hawaiian Style Wedding ring fell off and disappeared into the sand.  They both tried sifting the sand but the odds are dramatically against you in that task.  In my years hunting I’ve only heard of one and that was a Gold Cuban Necklace.  Edah did a google search and found “The Ring Finders” and reached out to me.  I agreed to try the next morning but a miscommunication on probable depth eluded me from finding the ring.  We agreed it would be better if we all met at the beach and they could show me the suspected location.  We agreed to meet Sunday after church.  When I arrived at the beach Edah was already in the water on the hunting spot.  Megazar and I joined her and I explained the type of grid pattern I would do.  First two passes nothing then on the third pass about 5 yards from Edah I got a booming tone on the Nox.  Five scoops later I had a corroded pull tab in my scoop.  I explained how that could have been the ring.  As I moved to within 2 yards of Edah I got an identical tone.  I was thinking probably another pull tab and unbelievably after 8-9 scoops there in the scoop was Megazar’s awesome Hawaiian style Ring.  They were both in shock and very relieved.  Edah was practically standing on the ring and immediately took it from me and put it back on Megazar’s finger.  They told me it was their anniversary so I’m especially glad that hunt was successful.  Aloha to Megazar and Edah!

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  1. Megazar Medio Juntilla says:

    Angels do exist. Joe, you are definitely one of them. You have a talent and gift to make people feel happy. We tried tirelessly for three days to locate the ring, and it took you only a few minutes to do so. You are heaven sent, prayers answered. Before you arrived, I spoke to Koolina Lagoons beach patrol staff and told them I lost our wedding ring. When they heard you were coming, without hesitation, they said, “Joe can find it.” They were right. Wish you the best of everything and keep people smiling.

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