Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Ring on Lanikai Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text that said, “Hello Mr. Au-Franz my name is Louis. My wife Audrey lost her ring on Lanikai Beach today on our honeymoon. We were wondering if you were available to look for it? Thank you very much.” I immediately called Louie and he told me that him and his lovely wife Audrey were on their honeymoon from North Carolina. Audrey had gotten stung on her wedding ring finger by a Portuguese Man-O-War in the water. When she came ashore, she removed her wedding ring and put it on her pinky finger. Then her and Louie gathered up their beach gear and were headed back to Waikiki where they were staying. Suddenly, while walking down the beach access path Audrey realized her ring had fallen off her pinky. She wasn’t quite sure where but took note of their surroundings. Louis did a Google search for lost ring and he said my newspaper article from 2021 came up and along with “The Ring Finders” and that’s when he reached out with the text. I told Louis I didn’t want much time to go by as Lanikai is heavily detected. We agreed to meet first light at 5AM the next morning. They actually arrived at 4:30 and I’m sure that was from the anxiety of the lost wedding ring. It was pitch dark but I had my headlamp and we proceeded down the beach access path. Audrey showed me where she discovered her ring missing. I said lets start where you were packing up your belongings as that would be the most likely spot. When there Audrey drew a grid in the sand as I shown my headlamp so she could see where she was at. The grid was quite large but very flat and easy enough. Thankfully, Lanikai is very clean with very little trash. The targets actually surprise you. The first target was a pull top and then a part to a pen. Next I found a 5 Euro Cent and asked Louie if it was his as he is from the UK. It wasn’t! Next I got a nice “13” on the Nox and in one scoop I had the target. I peered into the scoop with my headlamp and saw a tiny shiny gold band with three little diamonds in the bottom. I yelled over to Audrey & Louie and said, “This probably isn’t your ring as it’s outside the grid. They came over and exclaimed, “Oh my gosh that’s it!” They both said “Thank You, for saving our honeymoon.” That’s why I love this hobby so! Aloha to Audrey & Louie!

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