Lost Gold & Diamond Heirloom Engagement Ring at Shorebird Beach Waikiki...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Jeremy who was on vacation with his lovely wife Cate and hail from Maryland.  His text said, ” My wife Cate lost her engagement ring on Thursday as we were collecting our things after a surfing lesson at Gone Surfing in Waikiki.  We are pretty sure it is in front of their stand where everyone checks in.  Any chance you are available to help us find it?  It is tiny, but a 100+ year old family heirloom and very important to her. ” My heart sunk knowing so much time has gone by and the area gets pounded by metal detectorists all the time.  I told them the odds were low but Cate wanted to ease her mind that at least we checked.  I arranged to go yesterday afternoon but the area was packed with tourists with too many distractions.  I told them I’d try again that evening when everyone was gone and I had free movement through the area.  That evening when I arrived there was only one lone tourist sitting on the beach so I started my hunt in earnest.  The area wasn’t large but not knowing where Cate & Jeremy had collected their items I decided to expand the search in all directions.  My first pass I found a pull tab that had been there awhile then a $1.01 coin spill.  I was starting to think we might have a blessing coming.  One the second pass a few feet out from the first I got a booming “7” on the Nox and in one scoop there was a sparkling diamond in a tiny ring in the scoop.  I guess this is where the items were gathered.  I texted a picture to Cate & Jeremy and the response was, “THAT”S IT!!!!”  Since they were leaving at 5AM the next morning they decided to pick up the ring at my home which was all the way across the island.  They arrived in record time and you can see the joy on their faces in the pic above.  Aloha to Cate & Jeremy!

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