Lost Koa & Turquoise Inlaid Ring at Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began while I was hunting Ulua Lagoon for a visitor. While on the extreme North side Paul from Las Vegas Nevada approached me and asked if I could assist him in finding a Koa and Turquoise Inlaid ring. He lost it the evening before while relaxing in the shallow water. Then he said, “Oh never mind its wood & stone.” I said, “It has to have a base metal!” And Paul said, “I guess your right.” He pointed to the area in the water he was sitting with his girlfriend and I immediately started a quick grid search. There were some children in the way and when they moved I continued and immediately got a screaming 16-18 on the Nox. I looked over at Paul and said I’ll bet this is it. In one scoop as the sand drained out there shining in the scoop was Paul’s unique ring. Nice way to end my hunt. Aloha to Paul!

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