Lost Gold & Diamond Wedding & Engagement Rings at Lanikai Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Kate who was on vacation from Los Angeles, California with her husband Ryan. The text said after hours of desperation she found my profile on the Ring Finders and decided to text me. She wasn’t sure I could help so I gave here a call. Kate told me that she had put her rings in her short pocket then wrapped them in a towel before entering the water at Lanikai Beach. It wasn’t until later that day at Waimanalo Beach that she reached in the short pocket to retrieve them and the rings were gone. She figured they had to of fallen out back at Lanikai and when they returned they were nowhere to be found. Lanikai is heavily detected so I asked if they could meet at my house in a few hours and take one car to the beach as parking is nonexistent. I didn’t want another detectorist to find the rings. They agreed and we met and headed to Lanikai. Ryan dropped Kate & I at the beach access and went to find parking. Kate took me to the location on the beach after a little hesitation on the location she was sure we were in the correct spot. Thankfully no one was in the grid she drew in the sand for me. As I started the search I found a piece of foil and then a corona bottle cap. I got my hopes up as another detectorist would have pulled those. Then a moment later I got a double beep and looked down at the sand. There peeking up from the sand was a sparkling diamond. I looked over at Kate as I grabbed the ring she came over and was so elated and full of joy. She said I got the best one. I said no there is another target and I handed her the bottle cap. She yelled that’s not my ring…I said, No there is another target in the sand. However, it took two scoops to recover the Yellow Gold Cartier Love Ring Wedding Band. Now Kate was over the moon with joy. We walked along the beach to get back to wherever Ryan might have found parking discussing how lucky no one spotted the diamond. As we turned down the beach access path Ryan was at the other end and I gave him a thumbs up. I think he was astonished how quickly we recovered Kate’s rings. They both agreed they could now enjoy the rest of their vacation without the lost rings hanging over their heads. I meet the most wonderful people during these recoveries. Aloha to Kate & Ryan!

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