Lost Gold & Cobalt with Diamonds Wedding Band in Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on Monday when I got a heads up from Aloha Security that they stopped a gentleman at the lagoon for metal detecting and told him to contact myself for recovery. His detector wasn’t made for salt water so it was basically useless for a recovery. Keith is a Chief Navy Diver stationed in Hawaii and he reached out to me for ring finder services. After getting a map drawing and a few pics I told the Chief I’d hunt for his ring the next day after work. Aloha Security was also at the beach and confirmed the pics depicted the correct area to hunt. The Chief had been playing with his young sons in the water and at some point his ring came off. He was only out to chest deep water so all this info helps immensely with the hunt. I fired up the Nox and headed into the water to conduct a grid search. First target was a gold plated silver bracelet. The next target was a Gold Hawaiian style ring with the letter “D” on it. Next I found a fake Cartier Gold Love ring. Man what’s going on here I wondered? 20 minutes in and three pieces of jewelry. Finally I got a booming number “16” on the Nox and in one scoop in waist deep water out came Keith’s magnificent ring. I showed Aloha Security the find and immediately texted Keith a pic of his ring. He responded, “Having a rough day at work, your news couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks Joe” That’s what it all about! We met up the next day at the Navy Exchange and Chief now has his ring back on his finger. Aloha to Chief Keith!

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