Lost Gold and Diamonds Engagement Ring at Aulani Ko Olina Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got an evening call from Kim who was on vacation from Chicago, Illinois. While relaxing on a floatie in the lagoon with her husband Ted and daughter Mila, Kim’s White Gold and Diamonds Engagement Ring slipped off her finger and disappeared into the sand in chest deep water. She initially called fellow ring finder Don and he told her to contact me as the resort’s detectorist. I checked traffic and it looked good to getting there in 35 minutes but it would be dark. Kim and her family were flying home tomorrow so I said would grab my gear and come out for a night hunt. I surely brought my headlamp as the lagoon gets pitch dark and there is little ambient light. When I arrived Ted & Kim were returning from getting their daughter some food and by then the public parking gate was locked. Ted parked outside and walked in to show me where to hunt. He was quite accurate in setting up the grid and I immediately started my search. My first target was a piece of foil. Then I went a few grid lines in silence when I suddenly got a loud “10-11” on the Nox. It was dark so I put my foot on the back of the coil where I had a tone and scooped from there forward. The target was in my scoop so I turned on my headlamp and there in the scoop was Kim’s stunning ring. I yelled shoreward to Ted that I got it and he was in disbelief. Ted told me he had low expectations but was obviously pleasantly surprised. We hurried back to the car where Kim was waiting. Ted showed her the ring and she was ecstatic. Kim asked, “Can I hug you?” and I said, “Of course!” Kim will now go home with her ring back on her finger. Aloha to Kim, Ted and Mila!


2 Replies to “Lost Gold and Diamonds Engagement Ring at Aulani Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!”

  1. Ted says:

    Joe- you are amazing! We can’t thank you enough for saving the vacation:)!!

  2. Damion says:

    Wow. Awesome. How lucky you were able to find it for them and how special foe them to return home with such an amazing final memory in Hawaii. You certainly made them very happy. Great job!

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