Lost White Gold Wedding Ring at Naia Lagoon Ko Olina Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Ring Find began as my detecting buddy Terry & I were wrapping up our day hunting for a lost white gold wedding band in Naia Lagoon. We found a total of 4 Gold Rings but none were the one we were looking for. As I was heading to the shower a Gentleman and his wife asked if we found anything. I showed them my carabiner with the four Gold Rings attached. They both immediately said, “That’s my husband’s/my ring” as they pointed at the White Gold Ring my buddy Terry had found 4 hours earlier that morning in the lagoon. He said he could prove it as he had a picture on his phone with that ring on his finger. Sure enough he did and to be sure I asked him where in the lagoon he lost it and he pointed to the exact spot. There was no doubt in my mind it was his. As I looked towards the lagoon where he pointed there was my fellow ring finder Don exiting the water with his assistant that I don’t know. Don asked, “Did you find the ring?” and I held it up for him to see. Don had done a 5 hour hunt for the ring previously but the tide was super high and he wasn’t able to get to the spot without scuba gear. Terry found the ring at a super low tide in neck deep water. Don & I have collaborated on hunts in the past we were both just thrilled that the ring was back on the husband’s finger. We had a few laughs together and then I was asked to hunt for a just dropped Gold Cross you can see in the previous blog. I think it’s going to be a busy detecting Summer. Aloha to all involved and of course the happy couple who had their ring returned.