Lost Gold Family Crest Ring at Nai'a Lagoon Ko Olina Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began Sunday when I got a call at home from Susie who was on vacation with her family from Glendora, California. While preparing to board a flight home from the Honolulu Airport Susie told me her husband Justin had lost his Father’s Gold Family Crest Ring Thursday afternoon at Nai’a Lagoon at the Ko Olina Resort. Justin was playing on the shoreline with his son throwing a ball when the ring came off, fell into the water and disappeared into the sand. He immediately searched but the soft sand swallowed the ring and wasn’t about to reveal it’s whereabouts without some metal detecting assistance. I told Susie since the day was still early I’d head back to Ko Olina and see what I could do. Justin said the location should be ankle deep water in the center one third of the lagoon. The traffic was light and I arrived at Nai’a Lagoon around 3PM. Aloha Security opened the exit gate for me so I could enter the parking area as there was a line of cars waiting to go in. I started my search at the northern side of the center third and searched out to waist deep water and several feet up the shoreline in case Justin’s ring decided to travel. About 15 minutes into the hunt I found a Titanium Wedding Band. Keep going! A moment later I found a Tungsten Wedding Band. More to post on my website in hopes of returning. I found a few coins and then in the exact center of the lagoon in knee deep water I got a screaming 13 on the Nox and in one scoop there was Justin’s ring glistening in my scoop. Wow! That ring is very unique and if I hurry I can get a text off to the family before they land in California. Barely two hours later I got a text from Susie saying, “That is it!! Awesome! It’s my husband’s birthday and that is the best news.” I mailed the ring back Monday morning and Justin had it back on his finger Wednesday afternoon. Justin sent me a personal message about the ring and his Father that put a lump in my throat and justifies the pure enjoyment I get from this hobby. Aloha to Justin and Susie!

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  1. Justin M Busse says:

    It is hard to describe the roller coaster of emotions associated with losing something that is a family heirloom while on vacation. One minute you are having a blast with the kids and the next minute you are searching frantically hoping you get lucky and find the needle in the haystack. The ring I lost was special because it belonged to my father who passed away from cancer. After a few days with no luck searching or calling lost and found to see if someone had turned it in I felt like I was leaving a memento of my father in Hawaii forever. When my wife got in touch with Joe I was hopeful that he might be able to help. When we landed at home and my wife showed me the picture of the ring from Joe I was thrilled! It made my birthday one of the most memorable ones ever and I will be forever grateful that we found Joe! Thank you Joe for making the roller coaster end on a high note! Justin and Susie Busse

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