Lost Brass Ganesha Medallion at Ala Moana Beach Park...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This hunt began late last night when I received a call from Lance who resides in Arlington, Virginia and was visiting friends on Oahu. While playing volleyball on the beach, Lance noticed his Brass Ganesha Medallion had fallen off but he wasn’t exactly sure when during the volleyball game it happened. Luckily he played in the same general area so the search grid was only about 5 yards by 10 yards in size. I wasn’t quite sure what numbers brass would ring up on the Nox but I figured this area of the beach is fairly clean so we dig it all. First target was an 8 but it was so small the target kept going through the netting of my scoop. Oh well! Not what I’m looking for. Next target was a 20-21 which is usually a Zincoln Cent but to my surprise there was Lance’s Brass Ganesha Medallion in the scoop. Elapsed search time 2 minutes. Another quick successful hunt. Lance by the way is a rapper and his newly released song is hitting the airwaves now. I’m a rock-n-roller so I wasn’t very enthused. But the song did have a catchy beat I’m sure the younger generation will crave for more. Aloha to Lance the Rapper!