Lost Gold Texas A&M Graduation Ring at Queen's Beach Waikiki...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Ring Find began when I woke up from surgery. While I was in another world my wife got a call from Chris from Dallas, Texas. After enjoying the day swimming at Waikiki Beach two days earlier, upon exiting the water Chris’ wife Sharon was having her Gold Texas A&M ring begin to slip off her finger. She removed the ring and held it tightly in her fist. When all of a sudden a powerful wave crashed into her back and knocked her down into the shore break sand. To brace her fall her fist naturally opened and the ring fell into the surf and disappeared. She was devastated! This area near the Kapahulu Pier is a favorite of the body boarders as it’s pretty much a surf pound year around. I checked for low tide and Chris agreed to meet me at the beach at 12:30 this afternoon. The surf was still pounding but Chris drew a small enough grid in the sand I thought it would be a cinch. 45 minutes later and after a dozen pull tabs and 7 bottle caps I was very frustrated. Each target was a challenge to retrieve in the surf. Who decided to pollute the beach and party here? The ring had to be here because those targets would never have been left behind by another detectorist. I expanded the grid out in both directions but no luck. I had one last option head into the rocky coral area and see what is scoop able. This was out of the grid but near enough to come into play. Sure enough a screaming 19-20 on the Nox which I thought would be a Zincoln Cent…but nope it was Sharon’s awesome ring mixed in with a scoop of coral chunks. What a relief! I yelled over to Chris, “Got it!” He came running down to retrieve the ring from the scoop before the next wave crashed into me. Chris was so surprised and grateful he gave me a bear hug and said, “Thank you so much Joe.” Hopefully Sharon & Chris can get back to enjoying their vacation. Aloha to Sharon & Chris!


3 Replies to “Lost Gold Texas A&M Graduation Ring at Queen’s Beach Waikiki…FOUND!!!”

  1. Griff (TRF-France) says:

    Tough conditions!! It is so difficult to concentrate when you have to be aware of the crushing wave. Good find.

  2. Christian Garcia says:

    Hey Joe, I would just like to thank you again so much for meeting me out there! I know we were out there for a long time and I was starting to lose hope but I’m super glad you never gave up. I know how much that ring meant to Sharon. I thank God for being with us that day and allowing you to find it even after 2 days. Thank you so much Joe!

  3. Matt Boevers says:

    Water recoveries are found but frustrating some times awesome find

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