Lost Cartier Gold & Diamonds Love Bracelet at Four Seasons Ko Olina Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This bracelet find began when I returned from the mall and my wife Wendy said the phone upstairs had rung a few times but she was stuck in the kitchen prepping dinner. When I got to the answering machine their was a call from Jenny. While on vacation from California Jenny and her husband Simon were playing volleyball on the beach. While Jenny was hitting the ball her Cartier Love Bracelet came apart from a loosened screw and went flying into the sand. They found one half but after a thorough search by the entire family the other half was hopelessly hidden somewhere in the dry sand. Four Seasons Security recommended they call me. Although it was late I agreed to meet Simon and Jenny that night to recover the bracelet. When I arrived Simon met me in the parking lot and then took me down to the beach where Jenny was waiting. There was a grid pattern in the sand already marking the volleyball court so I was able to start the hunt immediately. First target was a piece of foil, then a corroded penny, then a whiskey screw top. Finally the fourth target was a #13 on the Nox and it took two scoops and 10 inches deep to recover the target. There in the scoop was Jenny’s beautiful Cartier Love Bracelet half. Vacation saved! Jenny and Simon were so appreciative that I came out so late to find her bracelet. Turns out they were originally from my home state of Pennsylvania. We had a few laughs together then bid Aloha. Aloha to Jenny & Simon!

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  1. Jenny shung says:

    Thank you joe!!!! You are the best!!

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