Lost Sentimental Silver Necklace Queen's Beach Waikiki...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Sentimental Silver Necklace hunt began when I got a call Friday night from Andrew who was on vacation from Murrieta, California. Before taking a swim he took his necklace off and wrapped it in his shirt and placed it on a beach towel. Upon return he put his shirt back on and then realized he forgot his necklace. He and some young lady friends searched but the soft sand must have consumed the necklace in its entirety as it was nowhere to be found. He saw two gentlemen on the beach with metal detectors but they were committed to a dinner reservation so they said, “Call Joe”. I wish I knew who they were. Since the loss was earlier that afternoon and it was now dark I was thinking someone may have found the necklace already but I told Andrew I’d be there in a few minutes and give it a shot. Being late I was able to get parking right at Queen’s Beach which never happens. Andrew and the two young ladies were waiting for me and I had Andrew draw a box in the sand where he thought the necklace would be. First target was a piece of foil and then I got a screaming 17-18 on the Nox and in one scoop there was Andrew’s silver necklace dangling from my scoop. One of the young ladies pull the necklace gently from the scoop and handed it to Andrew. He immediately put it over his head and around his neck once again. They all were in disbelief that the necklace was found. Honestly I was very surprised myself. Thankfully this vacation has a forever happy moment. Aloha to Andrew!

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