Lost His & Hers White Gold Wedding Rings at Kaimana Beach Waikiki...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Elijah who hails from Guam and serves in the US Army on Oahu. While Elijah & his lovely wife Bianca were getting ready to snorkel they forgot they had placed their wedding rings in the flippers and as they went to put them on they spilled out into the sandy shoreline and a wave erased them from view. They initially called ring finder Don Bryant up in Kailua but he passed it to me as I live ten minutes from Waikiki. Parking was non existent near Kaimana Beach so I parked at the zoo and walked down. Elijah met me at the entrance and then we proceeded together down to the area the rings were lost. I started the grid search but the rings weren’t in that box so I shifted the search towards the Natatorium wall thinking the minor surf might have pushed the rings that direction. Indeed a few seconds later I got a nice tone on the Nox. In the first scoop up came Bianca’s white gold diamond ring. I asked her to come out into the water to get it as I had another target on the Nox. Three scoops later I had Elijah’s white gold wedding band. Thinking I was done Bianca said there was a tiny gold ring that was also lost. I swung the Nox around and indeed there was a third target. This ring was so tiny it got pushed away from my scoop about four times before I was able to retrieve it. Okay 2021 lets start the year with a trio recovery. Elijah & Bianca were obviously thrilled to get all their rings back and were so thankful it didn’t take but a few minutes. Aloha to Bianca & Elijah!

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  1. Bianca Gamez says:

    what a great way to start the new year’s day for Elijah and i, extremely greatful for Joes determination to find our wedding rings. we we’re definitely at a loss for words when we discovered we had lost them but we’re so thankful joe was able to come as quick as he could and find them instantly. Joe wasn’t kidding when he said “oh we’re going to find these rings”, definitely calmed down my nerves of having my husband losing them. once again we’re both so thankful for Joes hard work!

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