Lost Gold Wedding Band Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from fellow ring finder Dave Sheldon on Maui. Dave said a couple just lost the husband’s yellow gold wedding band in shallow water at Hilton Hawaiian Village beach and he referred them to me. A moment later I got a call from George who was on vacation from California. While tossing a football to his son in the water he realized his wedding band had come off. They had been playing awhile and he wasn’t sure when it had come off. I told George I’d grab my gear and be there in about 15 minutes. When I arrived George had me search around their lounge chairs as he wasn’t sure exactly when the ring came off. No luck there! I had George create an East & West line in the sand to create the grid. Thankfully the tide was coming down and they hadn’t gotten deeper than his chest. I started my grid search on the West end and worked East. Thankfully their weren’t many targets so I was able to cover the grid rather quickly. When I was a little bit past half way I got a nice tone on the Nox right at the waters edge and in one scoop their was George’s huge Gold Wedding band in my scoop. George ran down to retrieve his ring and he had a look of disbelief since the ring was right on the shoreline in inches of water when he thought it probably came off while throwing the football. Ring finders know the location of the ring is only known when it is found. George and his family were so thankful and that’s what makes this hobby so fun. Aloha to George!

2 Replies to “Lost Gold Wedding Band Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki…FOUND!!!”

  1. Cheeeehuuuu. Good job Joe!

  2. Daisy Stanley says:

    Thanks Joe for the help this is George’s wife. I’ve bought this ring over 19 years ago for my husband and I was very sad when he lost it in the ocean. I thought it was gone for good as my husband and sons tried hunting for it. I was very impressed how fast you came out to help us and more excited and shocked when you found it. Thank you again for your help.

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