Lost Platinum & Diamonds Engagement & Wedding Rings at Honu Lagoon Ko Olina...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring hunt began when I got an email from Bart who lives in Seattle Washington and was on vacation with his lovely wife Caroline & their son. While throwing a football in waist deep water Caroline noticed her platinum & diamonds engagement & wedding bands had come off. Bart got a mask and snorkel and searched immediately around the area Caroline was in the water. Honu Lagoon is like a washing machine during high surf times and the rings were no where to be found. Caroline found the ring finders by doing a google search for “lost ring Oahu”. I called Bart and told him we could see what the surf would be like the next day at low tide to see if a hunt was feasible. The next morning Bart sent me a pic of the lagoon and said looks pretty calm this morning. I told him I would grab my gear and head down around 11AM at low tide. When I arrived Caroline & Bart drew lines in the wet sand so I could start a grid search. I entered the water and even at low tide I was getting pushed around quite a bit. I decided to hunt parallel to shore so as to follow the sand dunes underwater which I could see clearly. It wasn’t 2 minutes later I got a strong number 6/7 on the Nox and in one scoop their was Caroline’s beautiful engagement ring in my scoop. I yelled to Bart to come out into the water to retrieve it so I could stay on the spot to recover the wedding ring as I heard another target. After Bart took the ring I scooped the second target and there was the wedding ring. Mission accomplished! I was thinking this is going to be a challenge in the high surf. Let’s just call it a New Year’s Eve blessing! Caroline & Bart were so grateful and could now leave the island this evening with all their possessions. Aloha to Caroline & Bart!

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  1. Caroline says:

    Thanks so much for finding my wedding rings. I was devastated when I lost them and thought they were gone forever. I can’t believe how quick you were able to find them.

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