Lost Gold Cartier Love Ring at Hale Koa Waikiki...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Daniel who lives in Honolulu. While enjoying the day and playing volleyball on the Hale Koa beach his girlfriend Kiana lost her Gold Cartier Love ring in the water while going after a stray ball. They searched for about an hour but never found the ring. His friend told him to Google search and that’s how he found the ring finders. I told Daniel I could grab my gear and be there in 15 minutes. When I arrived Daniel introduced me to Kiana and she proceeded to show me how she lost the Love ring which was so small she actually wore it as a toe ring and felt it come off as she ran into the water. We set the grid lines and I started the search. Kiana only went five feet into the water which was waist deep. On the second leg of the grid I got a nice tone in the wet sand and in one scoop there was Kiana’s Gold Love ring. I let her reach in and retrieve the ring and then she asked if she could give me a hug. But of course! She said the ring had strong sentimental value to her and she was very thankful for the successful search. Aloha to Kiana & Daniel!