Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Band at Aulani Ko Olina Resort Lagoon...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Tanya who was on vacation with her family from Fresno, California. While her husband John was playing catch with a football in the lagoon at some point his Gold & Diamonds Wedding Band came off. He wasn’t positive it was in the lagoon as he only recognized it missing when they got back to their lounge chairs…but that would be the most logical place. The tide was high and it was late evening so we decided to meet at the lagoon the next morning at low tide. John & Tanya met me and John showed me the area he was sure he was in when they were playing with the football. I told John to go have a breakfast and be sure his phone was on in case i got good news. On the second leg of the grid BOOM on the Equinox. After two scoops there was a gold & diamonds ring in the scoop. But wait, that’s not his ring it doesn’t have the distinctive curve that was in the picture he sent me the night before. On with the grid search. Then when I was exactly in the middle of the grid box and at about the deepest walking depth I got another BOOM on the Nox. One scoop this time and there was John’s amazing ring in my scoop. I called them with the good news and we met on the beach again for the return. Hugs and grateful thanks from the entire Family. Warm way to start the 2020 New Year. Aloha to John & Tanya!